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Free, unlimited storage in every memory jar
Add photos, videos, voice notes, text, PDFs, and more
Easily invite others to post wishes by sharing private link
Accessible forever
Multiple languages
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Private - jar and its contents are only visible to people you share jar link with
Automatic slideshows, videos, maps, and calendars
Order physical products customized with wishes and memories
Lumhaa Sample Wedding Memory Jar
Wedding Sample

Ini and Vaib are finally getting married, and can’t wait to share their joy! With each wedding invitation that goes out, guests are sent a QR code for Ini and Vaib’s wedding memory jar, which is preloaded with the couple’s love story. All guests, especially those who cannot attend, are invited to post their wishes and blessings for the couple. As photos, videos, and messages pour in from everyone they care about, Ini and Vaib can barely wait for their wedding day. Finally, on the day of their wedding, the photographer uploads photographs of the bride and groom getting ready in the memory jar, so all invitees receive live updates from the wedding party - even if they could not be present. All wedding decorations also have QR codes for Ini and Vaib’s memory jar, so the guests that are present can scan it and add their live reactions and memories into the jar. Behind Ini and Vaib is a screen that shows a slideshow of memories in the jar, as soon as they are added. Everyone is part of the paparazzi and fun at the wedding! Finally, after the ceremony, Ini and Vaib look through the memory jar and comment thank you notes for everyone. They truly love seeing their wedding from so many perspectives, and can’t wait to pass down their wedding memory jar for many generations to come :)

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Wedding Physical Product Samples
Lumhaa Wedding Jar
Wedding Memory Jar
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Date Night Memory Jar
Lumhaa Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations with Jar QR Code
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Cartoon Engagement Glass Frames
Lumhaa Couple Jar
Silhouette Memory Jar for Couple
Lumhaa Couples Tshirts
Team Bride Tshirts
Lumhaa Couples Jar
Monogrammed Couples Memory Box Jar
Lumhaa Anniversary Mini Frame
Mini Milestone Frame
Couple Memory Jar
Couple Memory Jar
Lumhaa Couple Cartoon Glass Frames
Couple Cartoon Glass Frames
Lumhaa Relationship Playing Cards
Truth, Dare, Taash - The Relationship Memories Edition
Lumhaa Couples Jar Lid
Couples Memory Jar Lid
Lumhaa Couples Scrapbook
Couples' Love Story Scrapbook (memories to be filled)

The wedding guests will go home, the food will get eaten, and the flowers will die. But your wedding memory jar will always be with you, for every step of forever.

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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