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Lumhaa Sample Portfolio Memory Jar
Portfolio Sample

Anyone who owns a business knows that clients constantly want to see samples. That's why we created a memory jar for our products, where all our team members can post photos, videos, and messages about our new products - all in one click! Clients get a message whenever there is a new post, and can comment on products they are interested in - so other clients don't get spammed when one is discussing their order + you never miss an interested client! Sharing your work and interacting with clients has never been this easy :)

View Sample Portfolio Jar
View Sample 2

Pro Tip #1: You can also use your portfolio jar to collect feedback and reviews - just share the jar link with clients and ask them to post their reviews! All they have to do is click the link to post, and you get instant reviews - collecting and documenting testimonials is now super easy!

Pro Tip #2: If you're a student, you can even make portfolios of your work in school and/or college - save your certificates, projects, media, documents, and more in one place in your jar! Also ask teachers, recommenders, and supervisors to post comments and reviews, so when the time comes, you can share your portfolio with potential employers and higher education admissions offices

Pro Tip #3: You can also use your portfolio link on your social media profiles and add the jar code to your business cards/resumes!

Portfolio Physical Product Samples
Lumhaa Business Cards
Interactive Business Cards
Lumhaa Monogramed Box Jar
Monogramed Box with Portfolio Prints
Lumhaa Business Cards
Interactive Business Cards
Lumhaa 3D Office Frame
Interactive 3D Office Frame, linked to Portfolio
Lumhaa Decor
Interactive Decor, linked to Portfolio
Lumhaa Movie Scrapbook
Interactive Portfolio Scrapbook (work to be filled)
Lumhaa Glass Frame
Interactive Glass Frame, linked to Portfolio
Lumhaa Map Frame
Interactive Map showing work around the world
Lumhaa Custom Cartoon Tshirts
Custom Interactive Tshirts (portfolio embedded)
Lumhaa Canvas Grid
Canvas Grid of Portfolio
Lumhaa Retirement Jar
Memory Jar of Portfolio
Lumhaa Acrylic Frame
Interactive Acrlyic Frame (customized with sample work)

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