Make everyone at school happy and successful with memory jars

Lumhaa's memory jars are the best storage and communication platform for your school.
They are designed to improve well being, while automatically generating portfolios that stay forever

Lumhaa Education At A Glance


Memory jars (online folders) for each student and class to save memories from Day 1 until graduation


Students and teachers keep school memories (and portfolios) forever. Plus, overall wellbeing improves


We set up all your jars and admins. Students receive prompts to fill their personal jars. Teachers fill class jars


You can access your jars through our website, mobile app, APIs, emails, and text messages - no download required

Lumhaa Sample Anniversary Memory Jar

Sample Student Journey

Ria joins SNS School in 2022, and gets invited to 2 jars upon admission - her own personal jar, and her class jar. When she is young, her parents and teachers fill photos, videos, and notes about her activities, awards, and certificates. When she reaches 3rd grade, she starts adding her own memories and projects. Her teachers keep filling her class jar through the years. By the time she graduates, Ria and her classmates have 1 personal and 1 class jar with all their school memories, activities, and awards from Day 1 until graduation. They use these as portfolios for college admissions, and enjoy the jars for the rest of their lives :)

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Lumhaa Education Admin Panel

Owners & Admins

Demo Demo (Hindi)

Build an unlimited database

with memories from each student and class

Engage families and alumni

with real time notifications from teachers and students

Appreciate your teachers

with automatic online birthday and work anniversary memory jar cards filled by their students and coworkers

Readymade content and gifts

for newsletters and occasions like retirements, graduations, and beyond

Lumhaa Grade 1 Memory Jar

Teachers & Educators

Demo Demo (Hindi)

Make your teaching visible

by sharing snippets with families and school admins

Automatically generate a portfolio

of your work while posting for students and classes

Understand your students better

through their digital journals and messages from family members, so you can address areas for growth better

Protect your privacy & time

by hiding your personal contact information while interacting with families, and muting notifications on holidays

Lumhaa Jar Notifications

Parents & Families

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Keep your child's memories forever

in a memory jar from your child’s first day of school to graduation

Participate & stay updated

by posting memories and seeing messages from teachers

Invite other family members

to see what’s going on with your child and add memories, especially during graduation time

Get personalized products

like t-shirts and frames featuring memories from your child’s time in school or college

Lumhaa School Jars

Students & Alumni

Demo Demo (Hindi)

Build your school journal

by adding photos/videos/documents of ongoing work and awards + responses to customized monthly prompts

Collect feedback in one place

by requesting comments and reviews from internship supervisors, partners, and teachers

Share your portfolio

with admissions offices for further studies or on your resume for job hunting to give an authentic look into your work and experiences from school and college

Stay connected to your school

through recap emails with your memories that you get to keep forever, updates from the school, and customized check-ins with classmates

What's included in your subscription

Number of Jars Unlimited Reminder Forms Optional
Memories Unlimited Jar Backgrounds Customizable
Storage Unlimited Admin Control
Members Unlimited Multiple Admins
Notifications Push, Text, Email Onboarding & User Management Help
Recap Emails Monthly Lumhaa Shop Discount ~5%
Birthday & Teacher Appreciations Optional Revenue Share (physical product orders) On Request

You're in good company

Create a sense of belonging at school

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