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Lumhaa Sample Memorial Memory Jar
Memorial Sample

Sneh recently passed away. She was a beloved dance teacher, and the love pouring in from around the world for her overwhelmed her daughters. Sneh’s daughters knew that the love left behind was their mother’s true legacy, so they started a memory jar for her and shared the jar link with all their mother’s friends, students, and family. As the jar link filled with more and more tributes, Sneh’s daughters marveled at the depth and breadth of their mother’s impact. And they looked back on that memory jar link for the rest of their lives whenever they missed their Mom. After all, they had to keep the jar link safe to pass on Sneh’s legacy to their future generations as well :)

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Memorials have always felt like the most painful and special aspects of Lumhaa. As some of you may know, part of Lumhaa’s origin lies with terminally ill children in India. I was working with them for a book I was writing to raise money for their treatment, and collecting their stories to make the book as authentic as I could. When some of those children passed away, I found glass jars at home, filled them with as many stories I could remember about the child, and shipped the jars to their families. And that’s how I created my first memory jars.

Lumhaa, of course, has come a long way from a first year college student filling handwritten memories in recycled achaar jars. But I’m still sorry you’re here, and sorrier that I have nothing to offer beyond empty platitudes like nobody is truly gone until they’re forgotten. But Lumhaa absolutely won’t let your loved one be forgotten. Ever. So make them a memory jar and capture their legacy. Make a living tribute to someone who is still here and remind them of their magnificence. Make yourself a tribute to remind yourself that you are loved. Because you are. And forever will be.

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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