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Create an online memory jar (folder/album).
Fill it with wishes and memories for the couple.
Invite other people to post wishes.
Gift physical products customized with the wishes.

Free, unlimited storage in every memory jar
Add photos, videos, voice notes, text, PDFs, and more
Easily invite others to post wishes by sharing private link
Accessible forever
Multiple languages
No ads or selling data
Private - jar and its contents are only visible to people you share jar link with
Automatic slideshows, videos, maps, and calendars
Order physical products customized with wishes and memories
Lumhaa Sample Engagement Memory Jar
Engagement Sample

Hetal & Hiren just got engaged, and their friends want to do something special to celebrate. Their friend Naya suggests collecting wishes from all of Hetal and Hiren’s loved ones, so they can be included in the celebration. Naya sets up a memory jar and shares the jar link in her friend group for everyone to add their messages. Her friends help forward the link to everyone who cares about Hetal & Hiren. Soon enough, there’s an outpour of love and best wishes for the couple on their memory jar link, which they will see at a surprise dinner (but treasure for life).

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Physical Product Samples for Engagements
Lumhaa Couples Jar
Memory Jar for Couple
Lumhaa 3D Couple Frame
3D Frame for Couples
Lumhaa Date Night Jar
Date Night Memory Jar
Lumhaa Relationship Jar
Relationship Memory Jar
Lumhaa Engagement Mini Frames
Mini Caricature Frame for Engagements
Lumhaa Tapioca Bark Jar
Tapioca Bark Memory Jar
Lumhaa Couples Scrapbook
Couples' Scrapbook
Lumhaa Engagement/Wedding Traditional Jar
Traditional Engagement/Wedding Memory Jar
Lumhaa Acrylic Statues
Acrylic Statues of Caricatures
Lumhaa Couples Tshirts
Couples Tshirts
Lumhaa Couples Jar
Couples Memory Jar
Lumhaa Couples Jar Lid
Couples Memory Jar Lid
Lumhaa Monogramed Box Jar
Monogramed Memory Box Jar
Lumhaa Special Moment Mini Frame
Couple's Special Moment Mini Frame
Lumhaa Engagement Scrapbook
Engagement Scrapbook (to be filled with memories)
Lumhaa Couple Cartoon Glass Frames
Couple Cartoon Glass Frames
Lumhaa Relationship Playing Cards
Truth, Dare, Taash - The Relationship Memories Edition

Every engagement story is beautiful, but some beauty is more memorable than other beauty. In the past few years, we’ve heard (and thought of) a lot of engagement stories. A 300 person party where everyone posts live wishes for the couple in their memory jar. The COVID-stricken engagement where loved ones from all over the world send in wishes through a memory jar. And even a memory jar planned by coworkers for colleagues who met and fell in love at the office. But my personal favorite will always be the fairy light story.

A boyfriend makes a private memory jar just for him and his girlfriend, filled with little moments from the day they met to the day he planned the surprise proposal. When he receives his physical memory jar and memory prints, when his girlfriend is asleep, he starts a trail of fairy lights from their bedroom to their backyard. Each fairy light has one memory clipped to it, with a note from him. Finally, at the end of the trail is a customized glass jar, which holds a ring and a promise. Then, the girlfriend wakes up. And her days of being a bachelorette? Long gone.

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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