Lumhaa is based on the concept of memory jars, where multiple people can come together to save memories forever

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Imagine starting every year with an empty glass jar. Every week, you add a photo or note with one good thing that happened. Then every New Year’s Eve, you empty the jar and look back on the amazing year you had. All your favorite moments from the year, in one place.

Now, imagine if you had an empty glass jar not just for your year, but for every piece of life that mattered to you. One glass jar for your family. One for your school life. One for your friend group. And even one for the dork who made you smile in seventh grade... All your favorite moments from all the best pieces of your life, in different safe spaces.

Finally, imagine if other people could add moments to your glass jars - your entire family could add memories in your baby’s glass jar (that you could gift your child when they turned 18), and your “special someone” could add memories about your love story from their perspective. All the best moments from all the best pieces of your life, preserved in different safe spaces shared by you and people you invite.

That’s what Lumhaa is. An emotional highlighter of your life, where you and your favorite people can collect, share, and preserve moments forever in memory that first heartbreak. The giant paycheck promotion. The voices your grandma used when she read you bedtime stories. Your first gold medal from a marathon. A sunset. A hug. A smile.

And hopefully, by learning to document these moments, we’ll all learn to appreciate (and create) them a little more. To tell someone we love them before they pass away. To turn a sunset into a sunrise with friends, because a game of beer pong will forever mean more than full marks on an exam. To drift slower on the highway, because the leaves are too pretty an orange to miss. To send someone a jar of memories just because, even though it won’t be their birthday for another three months.

To watch the stars. And run with them.

To forever.

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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