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Lumhaa Sample Thank You Memory Jar
Thank You Sample

Rose’s students love her. To say thank you for a wonderful year as their class teacher, the students decide to make her a memory jar of their thank you notes and their favorite memories with her. The class prefect Amu sets up the jar link and sends it out to her classmates. Once all students have added their photos, videos, and messages, they present the link to Rose in their class assembly. Rose holds on to that link forever, with fond memories of the best class she ever taught :)

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Physical Product Samples
Lumhaa Canvas Grid
30 canvases for all memories in a jar
Lumhaa 50 Jar
Memory Jar to say thanks
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Puzzle to say thanks
Lumhaa Doctor Jar
Memory Jar to say thanks to doctor
Lumhaa Mini Acrylic Frame
Mini Acrylic Group Photo
Lumhaa Tapioca Jar
Memory Jar with Handwritten Memories
Lumhaa 3D Frame
3D frame of things to be thankful for
Lumhaa Tshirts
Customized Cartoon Tshirts
Lumhaa Glass Frame
Interactive Glass Frame
Lumhaa Glass Frame
Glass Frame with Collage
Lumhaa 3D Frame
3D frame of favorite memory in office
Lumhaa Hummingbird Jar
Flower Gratitude Memory Jar
Lumhaa Memory World Map
World Map with Memories and Wishes
Lumhaa Box Jar
Monogramed Box Memory Jar
Lumhaa Acrylic Statue
Customized Acrylic Statue

Saying thank you is one of my favorite activities - it helps me take a step back to appreciate the things and people I have, and always shoots warmth through my senses. Plus, it’s a great way to be more present. For example, think of how beautiful sunrises are every morning. And of how most people sleep through them. Now, think about the same sunrise through the lens of gratitude, where you’re grateful to witness the sunrise because it’s spectacular and because at least a billion things had to go right in history for you to exist in that moment and because you know the Sun will never rise in the same way ever again. Shifts your perspective a little, doesn’t it? If you couldn’t tell already, I spend a lot of time lost in sunrises and poetry and lingering glances and gratitude for it all.

And while my personal favorite way to capture this amazing feeling is in a private jar for my eyes only, I also love thank you cards. You know, the kind where your entire archery team makes a scrapbook of memories to say thank you when you retire from Presidency or when your interns put together thank you notes to describe the impact you’ve had on them. So whether you collect moments you’re grateful for in your own personal gratitude jar or you come together with others to make a group memory jar to say thanks to someone, I really do hope you try to mesh gratitude with your jars. After all, appreciation makes ours the best parts of all else :)

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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