Document your baby's life in a memory jar

When your baby is born, create a memory jar for them. Add every achievement, photo, special moment, and video into that jar. Invite other family members to see and add memories. When your baby is old enough, give them the jar with all their memories!

Free, unlimited storage in every memory jar
Add photos, videos, voice notes, text, PDFs, and more
Easily invite others to post wishes by sharing private link
Accessible forever
Multiple languages
No ads or selling data
Private - jar and its contents are only visible to people you share jar link with
Automatic slideshows, videos, maps, and calendars
Order physical products customized with wishes and memories
Lumhaa Sample Pregnancy Memory Jar
Baby Sample Jar

As soon as Arudra is born, his father Arjun makes a memory jar for him. Every achievement, drawing, project, photo, and video from Arudra’s life is added into that jar - for the first year, Arjun even adds a photo every day to keep track of how fast Arudra is growing! Arjun also shares the memory jar link with his wife, parents, in-laws, and other family members from around the world, so they receive updates about Arudra’s life and can add their own memories for him too. When Arudra is old enough, Arjun gives him the memory jar link with everyone’s memories of Ardura’s whole life. Arudra treasures that link forever :)

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Physical Product Samples for Babies
Lumhaa Baby Pearl Memory Jar
Baby Pearl Memory Jar
Lumhaa Baby Book
Handmade Pregnancy Scrapbook (memories to be filled)
Lumhaa Baby Wall
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Baby Jungle Memory Jar
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Lumhaa Pregnancy Scrapbook
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Lumhaa Pregnancy Scrapbook
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Lumhaa Baby Beads Memory Jar
Baby Beads Memory Jar

I’ve always thought there’s something magical about making a memory jar for a baby and giving it to them when they’re old enough. My mom spent years painstakingly recording all the important milestones from my and my brother’s lives in little handmade scrapbooks and albums so we would have something to look back on later. And I think it’s safe to say that our family albums are my mother’s pride and our joy. Of course, now most parents just document/share their children’s lives on social media instead, which is really scary because 8 in 10 parents have followers they’ve never met.

Plus, Barclays estimates that by 2030, identity theft as a result of parents’ social media posts will account for 66% of all identity thefts globally. That’s 7.4 million stolen children's identities. Per year. So I really hope you decide to keep your baby safe while building them a treasure trove of memories in a private memory jar. You can even get started with their memory jar before they’re born. Also get a frame with their best memory from each month, and build a wall of memories in your baby’s room. Keep them safe. And watch them shine!

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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