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Lumhaa Sample Hobbies Memory Jar
Hobbies & Interests Samples

Whether you're a foodie or a fitness junkie or both, there's a lot you can do with memory jars! Create a memory jar for each of your hobbies and interests, and add media (photos, videos, screenshots, voice notes, documents, and more) related to each hobby and interest. You'll then have a treasure trove of memories and information, neatly organized by each hobby and interest that you can even share with other people :)

View Sample 1: Fitness View Sample 2: Food

Pro Tip #1: Make a different memory jar for each hobby and interest. This will keep things organized, and create more meaningful journeys, calendars, and maps for you to look back on and track for each hobby and interest!

Pro Tip #2: Invite other people who share your hobbies and interests into your jar to hold yourself accountable. For example, this is especially useful for you and your gym buddy to make sure you're getting your workouts in, or even for you and your lit-loving pen pal to swap poetry :)

Pro Tip #3: You can even use these memory jars as homes for interest-based communities and fandoms - for example, you can create a global memory jar to share fan art from around the world for your favorite TV show, or even to post photos of rare butterflies spotted in different places!

Physical Product Samples for Hobbies & Interests
Lumhaa Bees Jar
Hobbies Memory Jar: Beekeeping
Lumhaa 3D Frame
Interactive 3D Frame
Lumhaa Cycling Tshirt
Hobbies Tshirt: Cycling
Lumhaa Reading Memory Jar
Hobbies Memory Jar: Reading
Lumhaa Shopping Jar Lid
Hobbies Memory Jar Lid: Shopping
Lumhaa Travel Memory Jar
Hobbies Memory Jar: Travel
Lumhaa Mini Acrylic Frame
Mini Acrylic: Sports
Lumhaa Retirement Memory Jar
Hobbies Memory Jar: Sleeping & Working
Lumhaa Fav Things Memory Jar
Interests Memory Jar Lid
Lumhaa Custom Cartoon Tshirts
Hobbies & Interests Custom Cartoon Tshirt Set
Lumhaa Police Jar
Police Memory Jar
Lumhaa Doctor Memory Jar
Doctor Memory Jar
Lumhaa Date Night Memory Jar
Interests Memory Jar: Movies
Lumhaa Lawyer Memory Jar
Lawyer Memory Jar

I came up with these jars when I quit my first job out of college. I had decided to read one book every day, and wanted an easy way to keep track of what I read. So I started a memory jar called Readings, where I would post the book cover every day, along with a short blurb of what I learnt from the book. Soon after, I added a memory jar to track my daily workouts and boxing scores. Two months later, everyone on our team had different memory jars tracking their own interests and hobbies. Now, I hope you build some too :)

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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