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Invite other people to make your jar a "mutual admiration society" if you want to share some love.
Order physical products customized with your compliments.

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Lumhaa Sample Compliments Memory Jar
Compliments Sample

Avni loves going through meaningful notes she's gotten - especially during stressful times like job interviews. She makes herself a memory jar of compliments and other supportive messages that always make her smile - screenshots from her boyfriend, cards from her little brother, voice notes from her friends, and just about any message that helps boost her confidence. She looks at the jar on her phone whenever she needs a boost, and loves the feeling of warmth and confidence that floods through her after :)

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Pro Tip: You don't have to make a compliments jar only for yourself - you can even make one for a group of your friends or coworkers, where you all post compliments for each other. These "mutual admiration societies" - or compliments jars made for groups to exchange meaningful support and compliments - can be incredibly uplifting and motivating. We're speaking from experience!

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We came up with the idea for this jar when we asked a simple question - how do we make every day feel as special as a birthday? We wondered if revisiting meaningful birthday wishes on "regular" days could make people feel just as loved and motivated as they did on their birthdays. It did. So we encouraged our users to start collecting their favorite birthday wishes - and eventually, any meaningful messages and compliments - in a memory jar. These compliments jars, as they came to be called, became a quick shot of happiness for so many people, myself included. And I hope you find the same inpiration and love in these jars that so many of us have!

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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