Celebrate graduations with memory jars

Create an online memory jar (folder/album).
Fill it with wishes and memories for the graduate.
Invite other people to post wishes.
Gift physical products customzied with the wishes.

Free, unlimited storage in every memory jar
Add photos, videos, voice notes, text, PDFs, and more
Easily invite others to post wishes by sharing private link
Accessible forever
Multiple languages
No ads or selling data
Private - jar and its contents are only visible to people you share jar link with
Automatic slideshows, videos, maps, and calendars
Order physical products customized with wishes and memories
Lumhaa Sample Graduation Memory Jar

Graduating Student Sample

Pallawi is graduating from college, so her family wants to give her an unforgettable gift. They make her a memory jar, and share the jar link with her teachers and professors. Everyone posts congratulations messages for Pallawi, and wishes her all the best for her future. The memory jar link becomes Pallawi’s favorite gift in the history of gifts :)

View Sample Student Graduation Jar
Lumhaa Graduation Memory Jars

Graduating Class Sample

Some of the best gifts we’ve seen from the school for the graduating class at large (sometimes created by the graduating class themselves) include digital yearbook jars and memory jars with memories/wishes from the entire school community. These memory jars can then be embedded in physical products like t-shirts, so bringing your phone close to the t-shirts will start playing all the memory jar wishes on your phone. See the samples below to learn more!

View Sample Class Graduation Jar View Sample Yearbook Jar
Physical Product Samples for Graduations
Lumhaa Graduation Caps
Customized Graduation Caps
Lumhaa Graduation Tshirts
Customized Class Year Tshirts
Lumhaa Archery Frame
Mini Acrylic for Graduating Team
Lumhaa Graduation Tshirts
Customized Class Photo Tshirts
Lumhaa Graduation Jar
Memory Jar for Graduates
Lumhaa Yearbooks
Customizable Interactive Yearbooks
Lumhaa Graduation Jar
Customized Memory Jars for Graduates
Lumhaa Glass Frame
Glass Frame for Graduates
Lumhaa Toddler Grad Jars
Memory Jars for KG Graduations
Lumhaa Tshirts
Customized Graduation Tshirts
Lumhaa Graduation Scrapbook
Handmade Graduation Scrapbook
Lumhaa Tshirts
Customized Tshirt with Graduation Wishes
Lumhaa Grad Jar
Graduation Memory Jar
Lumhaa Lawyer Jar
Memory Jar for Graduating Lawyer
Lumhaa Class Photo
Graduating Class Interactive Photo Frames
Lumhaa 3D Frame
3D frame of Graduate
Lumhaa Puzzles
Puzzle of Graduate's College Memories
Lumhaa Handmade Graduation Scrapbook
Handmade Graduation Scrapbook
Lumhaa Glass Frame
Glass Frame of Graduates
Lumhaa Canvas Grid
30 Mini Canvases of Graduate
Lumhaa Tshirts
Customized Cartoon Tshirts of Graduate
Lumhaa Memory World Map
World Map with Grad Memories and Wishes
Lumhaa Frames
Glass and Mini Cartoon Acrylic of Graduate
Lumhaa Acrylic Statues
Acrylic Statue of Graduate's Caricature

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