• Elevate your events with memory jars

    Collect memories from all attendees, engage them with live slideshows, and preserve your event memories forever with memory jars

Lumhaa Create Event Jar


Make and fill a memory jar

Make a memory jar on the Lumhaa app or website for your event. Pre-fill it with memories and announcements you would like the guests to see before you invite them into the jar.

Lumhaa Customized Invitations


Invite others to your jar

Put QR codes of your jar on your event invitations so guests can post memories leading up to the event (especially useful for those who can't make it to send their best wishes!). During this time, anything you post in the jar will go as a text and/or email to all guests so keep posting to make announcements and add excitement!

Lumhaa Scan QR Codes


Guests scan codes to add memories

Order customized decoration from the Lumhaa Shop with your jar code for your event venue, so guests can scan the code and see/add memories directly - no download or signup needed for them!

Lumhaa Live Slideshow


Play a live slideshow

Lumhaa automatically creates a slideshow of all memories in your jar, and auto-updates the show in real time as soon as more memories are posted. Screen this automatic show at your event to see live reactions and to experience the event from multiple perspectives!

Lumhaa Share and Comment


Share and comment

You can share your jar link with whoever you'd like, regardless of whether they attended the event. You can even plug event highlights and video recaps into your own website. Finally, if you get a premium jar, your guests can opt into facial recognition and get a customized link with all posts in the jar featuring only their name or face - no more searching through thousands of photos to find their own! Also comment on memories - as soon as you comment on a memory, the original poster of the memory will receive an email with your comment.

Lumhaa Physical Products


Order physical products

Order physical products customized with the memories or your jars from the Lumhaa Shop to send to the guests as a thank you. Or order tshirts and other products embedded with the jar code to hand out as party favors!

Popular Use Cases

Sports Days & Competitions
Fairs & Festivals
Parties & Celebrations

Physical Product Samples for Events

Lumhaa Custom Decor
Customized Decoration
Lumhaa Glass Frame
Glass Frames for Attendees
Lumhaa Custom Balloons
Customized Balloon Decoration
Lumhaa Monogramed Box Jar
Monogramed Memory Box Jar
Lumhaa Customized Tshirts
Customized Interactive Tshirts for Attendees
Lumhaa 3D Couple Frame
Interactive 3D Event Replica Frame
Lumhaa Graduation Memory Jar
Memory Jar for Graduations
Lumhaa Baby Pearl Memory Jar
Memory Jar for Baby Showers
Lumhaa Travel Acrylic Frame
Mini Interactive Acrylic for Guests
Lumhaa Couples Scrapbook
Handmade Event Recap Scrapbook
Lumhaa Memory World Map
Customized Decoration: World Map for Guests to Pin Messages
Lumhaa Hummingbird Memory Jars
Sculpted Memory Jars
Lumhaa Inspiration Acrylic Frame
Inspirational Quote Event Recap (Acrylic Frame)
Lumhaa Tshirts
Customized Tshirt with Guest Signatures
Lumhaa Acrylic Statues
Acrylic Statue of Attendees' Caricature
Lumhaa Team Glass Photo
Attendees Collage Interactive Glass Frame

All memory jars include

  • Free, unlimited storage
  • Unlimited invitations/members
  • Desktop and mobile compatibility
  • Automatic slideshows, maps, calendars
  • Privacy: No ads or unwanted eyes
  • Photo, video, audio, text, PDF memories
  • Multiple languages
  • Unlimited comments and shares
  • Forever accessibility

Create a memory jar for an event

Have questions or want to go premium?

Premium digital jars include customizable aesthetics, more privacy options, dedicated support, and bulk discount on physical products

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