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Order physical products customized with wishes and memories
BFF Sample

Laila and Ani have been best friends since childhood, always sharing clothes and schools and inside jokes and laughter. When they become teenagers, they decide to start a memory jar to save all their favorite memories with each other - it’s a private space just for them, so they fill it with screenshots of funny conversations, photos of time spent together and missing each other when apart, and even some heartfelt voice notes for each other. Now that they’re studying apart, Laila and Ani have a tradition of posting in their memory jar at least once a week so they update each other about what’s going on in their lives. And when they meet or miss each other, they cherish flipping through the very best of their friendship in the memory jar on their phones :)

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Pro Tip: You can even make a memory jar for your entire friend group, instead of just for you and your BFF. All jars can be shared by unlimited people, and the content inside stays visible only to the people you share the jar link with. So add as many friends into your jar as you want, or make separate jars with each of your BFFs. Either way, no stress of unwanted eyes on your adventures with friends!

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This is my absolute favorite way of staying in touch with my friends. Given how far apart and crazy busy most of us are, it can be really hard to stay connected. And I mean really connected, beyond superficial social media updates. So I have a memory jar with each of my closest friends instead, where we each post at least one memory per week (usually a voice note every Friday) recapping what we've been up to. We even throw in screenshots from our chats, memes, and things that remind us of each other. 4 years into these jars, and we've got our own personal shrines to our friendships. It's amazing to see how far we've come, and feels even better to know that there's still a long journey for us to grow through - together.

Shriya Sekhsaria, Founder, Lumhaa

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