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Celebrate your personal and shared
journeys with memory jars

Lumhaa helps you build memory jars: online folders/albums to
create and save memories with your favorite people ✨

Keep everything important, safe

Lumhaa Memory Jars

Build memory jars

Create unlimited memory jars (online folders/albums) for different hobbies, relationships, groups, events, and more. Here are some ideas to get you started

Lumhaa Life Highlights Memories

Fill all types of memories

Photos, videos, sounds, screenshots, notes, PDFs - almost all types of files work! Plus, there's no storage or file size limit, so you can fill your jars without worrying about running out of space :)

Invite whoever you want

Lumhaa Share Jar Link

Easily share invite links

Share your secret jar link to invite other people into a memory jar! They just need to click the jar link to see and add memories in it - no download or sign up required

Lumhaa Jar Members

Control your privacy

You can control who can see and add memories inside each of your jars (by default, only people invited to a jar can see what's inside it). Also, we don't do ads or sell data - your privacy is a priority

Have fun with your memories

Lumhaa Memory Studio

Express yourself

Make your memories come alive with different backgrounds, music, text, and more

Lumhaa Office Games


Answer fun prompts and play personalized games to relive your favorite moments and autofill your memory jars

See your memories in new ways

Lumhaa Memory Lanes

Enjoy smart views

Sit back and enjoy different views of your memory jar (memory lanes, maps, calendars, slideshows, and more) that are automatically generated for you

Lumhaa Shop

Get personalized products

Order whacky and wholesome physical products such as 3D frames, games, storybooks, tshirts, and handmade jars customized with your memories from the Lumhaa Shop

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Join 100,000+ Lumhaa users and create memories with your favorite people

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